Grid Interactions Research Facility

The Grid Interactions Research Facility (GIRF) is a facility that is part of the CTRC, and includes laboratories operated by TAMU electrical and computer engineering faculty. The GIRF is home to numerous different research tools related to the electric grid.

The GIRF was made possible through a Governor’s University Research Initiative (GURI) grant received by Dr. Thomas Overbye.

The Advanced Power Distribution System (APDS) is a custom built power distribution that is the power center of the CTRC. The system is expandable and flexible to allow for multiple power sources to be controlled from a single location.

Advanced Power Distribution System

Two identical power hardware in the loop (PHIL) racks are located in GIRF.

Typhoon HIL

The GIRF is currently in the process of installing a walk-in chamber for component testing. The chamber is schedule to be delivered in February 2024.

Walk-In Environmental Chamber

The GIRF will be connected to a solar field located at the CTRC. The solar field will include 4 DC arrays and 1 AC array. The array will be connected, via conduit, to the GIRF lab allowing the power and instrumentation to be located inside. The array will include extra spaces for testing of solar equipment, including panels, power optimizers, custom inverters, etc.

Solar Field